Marketing (Introduction)

Program Overview

The program leading to the ESLSCA MIBA is designed to develop and expand the students capacity to analyze managerial problems and make intelligent and resourceful decisions. Our MIBA allows students to move forward in a successful management career and to be leaders in the complex and fast paced business world by acting with determination, sound judgment and integrity.

Our MIBA encompasses the study of real world situations; students acquire both the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills appropriate for general management. The program offers a balance between theory,  practice and the economic and social responsibilities of business leadership.

The ESLSCA MIBA is designed for all individuals with a strong leadership potential.

MIBA proposes an international perspective. The program has drawn on the excellence of the French educational traditions in Groupe ESLSCA's French divisions (ESLSCA is considered a Grande Ecole de Commerce) and has also integrated the best of business education in Europe, the USA and elsewhere in the world.

The program constantly embraces the most relevant innovations and trends in business education and practice without submitting to management fads and fashions.

The language of instruction is English, it will qualify graduates to pursue employment opportunities in multi-national corporations