• Advertisements for the vacancy's of staff members and  and teaching assistants  shall be done in accordance with the system set by the  University  Council.

• The  President of the  University shall appoint  staff members and  teaching assistants upon the opinion of the  Faculty  Dean.

• The appointment of any staff member shall have the same conditions stated in article (13) of law no. 101 of the year 1992 for the establishment of  private universities, the appointment shall be announced through an advertisement and the  University has the right to develop additional conditions for the appointment to suit the nature of the  University.

• Same conditions of the Universities Regulatory Act and its implementing regulations shall be applied to  staff members and teaching assistants of the university, it is recommended to appoint those who have experience approved by the councils concerned and accepted by the  University  Council. The appointment shall be done through advertisement or by assigning of one or more of the university's graduates.

The  University may hire or appoint part-time experienced staff members upon the nomination of the  Faculty  Dean and after the approval of the  University  President. It is also permissible to hire or transfer staff members from other universities or any other research centre  and to host visiting professors for teaching or for performing scientific research after the approval of the competent  Faculty  Dean.