EELU is a non-profit organization for higher education that provides educational services, training and research programs. The EELU aims at providing high quality education at affordable prices therefore  producing industry ready knowledge workers. The EELU is committed to create and continuously improve teaching and learning environments that are  most effective and efficient to meet the future needs of industry and society.

EELU Objectives:

• Enhance the quality of higher education using modern technologies, create a broad information technology base  using  modern e- Learning modalities and to promote the university's  e-Governance.

• Participating   in improving Egypt's higher education participation ratio by increasing  student enrollment.

• Providing  its graduates with the knowledge and skills that ensure high employability.   Also providing  opportunities for professionals to advance  their careers.

• We  offer distinguished education in modern and inter-disciplinary educational areas to cater for the future needs in human resources at both  local and regional levels.

• Provide those who are unable to attend traditional regular universities, with an opportunity to have a university education.

• Establish a strong line of research in technology related areas and establish links with reputable research centres  worldwide.

Target Students:

The National Egyptian  e-Learning University targets all those willing to receive high quality, modern, technology based education  and  in particular the following groups:

 • Holders of a  Secondary  Education  Certificate.

 • University graduates, who wish to pursue their studies in other disciplines  or seek further graduate studies.

 • Adults and in particular young women, who could not receive tertiary education due to socio-economic reasons.

 • Professionals and those at work, who wish to pursue a university education.

 • Students dwelling or working in regions remotely located from existing universities.

EELU faculties:


The National Egyptian E-learning University contains :


Undergraduate Programs :


• Computers and Information Technology.

• Commercial Studies and Business Administration.

The University may  establish new faculties according to the organising laws and corresponding regulations , like :

• Mass Communication.

• Languages and Translation.

• Engineering.

• Education.

Postgraduate Programs :


• Faculty of Educational Studies ( E-learning Diploma in E-learning , Master in education in E-learning ).


• Faculty of Computers and Information Technology ( Master of Software Engineering ).