• Is the Egyptian e-Learning University a Governmental University or a Private University?

    The Egyptian  e-Learning University is a Private  University  in the process of transformation to a governmental one,  based on  what has been reached during  the Meeting of the Board of Trustees in December 2010.

  • What are the advantages of - e-Learning?

    • There is no need to waste time travelling to classroom lectures.

    • You can communicate with lecturers and students located around the world.

    • You can choose the appropriate schedule that matches your needs.

    • There is consistent quality in the delivery of the course which does not vary from instructor to instructor.

    • On-line study encourages you to be more inquisitive, innovative and widens your access to new collaborative technologies, keeping you up-to-date with computer technology.

    • There is an on-line full evaluation  form at the end of each semester for you to give immediate feedback on the program.

  • Why not the whole study at Egyptian e-Learning University through the internet?

    The Egyptian  e-Learning University provides Bachelor Degrees  recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities. This requires a percentage of attendance from  students during the semester.

  • Is the study through the Continuing Education Centre accredited by any part?

    The study through the Continuing Education Centre is accredited by the Egyptian  e-Learning University.

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