About EELU

EELU is a non-profit organization for higher education that  provides educational services, training and research programs. These services are characterized by the following considerations:

• Distributed  Learning: The scope of EELU is not only intended to cover Cairo but  all the governorates in Egypt 

   including  some Arab countries.   As a starting point there are three learning centers located in: Cairo, Delta (Tanta)
   and Upper Egypt ( Assiut ).


• E-learning:  In which students can access course materials, lectures and any  information through both the EELU

   Intranet and the Internet. This type of learning permits collaboration between the students,  the instructors and among
   the students themselves.

•Distant learning:  In which students can learn remotely from different geographically  locations, distance is no longer a

EELU provides a virtual educational environment that reduces dependence on the concept of physical and geographical proximities between the student and the teacher;  in the mean time it also provides maximum educational interactions, benefits and management.