In September 2005, the Ministry of Higher Education prepared a  preliminary study for starting the project of the Egyptian  e-Learning University (EELU),  consequently a feasibility study was developed. These studies were presented to the  Board of the Education Development Fund and then to the Cabinet. Finally, the Egyptian Government issued an initial approval to start and implement the EELU project. 

In November 2006, an action plan was devised for the project's activities, milestones and tasks, all of which are requirements for the establishment of the Egyptian  e-Learning University, including a schedule for implementation and an estimated budget.,

In June 2007, The Cabinet approved the establishment of the  Egyptian e- Learning University and  prepared  a draft presidential decree, which was released on August 16, 2008 No. 233. We became  the first ever qualified and registered Egyptian university for distance learning and technology based e- Learning.

The university started its educational activities in October 2009, in two programs: Business Administration and Computer and Information Technology. Three centres  were  selected to start the study:  Cairo, Tanta and Assiut. 

In October 2010, the E-Learning program was added, which gives the degree of a Graduate Diploma in this discipline.

The University signed several co-operation agreements with: Ain Shams, Tanta and Assiut Universities. In addition, EELU has started  co-operating  with European universities in Italy and France, which resulted in establishing the Master of International Business Administration (MIBA) program, affiliating us with  the Graduate School of Science Business Applied in Paris, France (ESLSCA).

In February 2011, the University opened the Continuing Learning Center (CLC), which offers professional training courses to a wide variety of different Egyptian society sectors.

In February 2018, the university has been transformed from a private university to a national university.