Continuing  Education and  Training  Programs

EELU extends professional continuing education and training programs into the community by providing high quality educational opportunities for students  of all ages to enhance their professional qualifications and promote their careers.


Curriculum Structure

Eslsca MIBA is composed of 48 academic credits. Additionally, students are expected to undertake a substantial project bearing 6 academic credits. On our semester system, students complete these degree requirements within 18 months: 4 semesters of course¬work. The ESLSCA MIBA curriculum has three main components:

1.The MIBA core consists of the foundation courses in the major functional areas of business. It allows students to develop solid an¬alytical abilities. Students also establish collaborative work skills, team building skills and acquire an understanding of the global marketplace.

2. In addition to a solid academic coursework, all students are re¬quired to undertake one  Masters Degree  project. Our MIBA allows stu¬dents the flexibility to choose from several options based on their professional and personal inter¬ests.

3- The program offers students who desire to specialise, the op¬tion to choose one specialised study track: Global Finance, Global Marketing or Global Man¬agement.